Welcome to the world of BLIP!

Our creative team of innovators has been hard at work creating realworld solutions to simplify Business-to-Consumer communication.

We have been listening – intently – to our customers’ needs and have created an exclusive suite of features that will take messaging to a whole new realm. 

BLIP will allow your entire team to utilize  messaging capabilities – with text and  WhatsApp integrated into the same interface – using your company phone number, to the larger success of your business marketing and communication needs.

Give BLIP a shot, and you will soon be wondering how you ever managed without it!

About Us

BLIP was created to fill a void…
The BLIP team spent years developing a platform that matches the needs of today’s businesses. Our team used innovative thinking to produce a thoroughly rich platform that has everything and anything any business may need to ensure their communication with their customers is as robust as possible.


BLIP contains dozens of engagement features that were previously not available at all, or not available in the context of business messaging. By seamlessly formulating them into the fabric of the platform, BLIP has taken “user-friendly” to a whole new level.

Yes, that is very refreshing news indeed!


Shared Text Inboxes

This allows your entire team to view incoming text messages, and allow all team members to respond and/or follow the thread.

WhatsApp Integration

This allows for seamless and convenient communication, whether via SMS or WhatsApp by merging them into one inbox.

AI Text Bot

This feature allows for automatic SMS responses utilizing AI technology.

10DLC Compliance*

The myriad of regulations are hard-coded into the system, and will assist you with keeping compliant with the complex government rules and regulations.

WhatsApp to Text Bridge

Receive and reply to your WhatsApps on your personal phone via SMS.

Text Credit Card Processing

Process payments or donations easily and securely via SMS.

Internal Team Chat

This allows for your team to communicate internally via group chats and via Direct Messages.

HIPAA Compliance*

Collect opt-in consents before sharing info via SMS.